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To whom it concern,

I am Sonia Kalachian we went on Alaskan cruise from LAX back to back and I bought 2 watches in packets of jewellery for $19,99 each and when we comeback to Australia the 15th of June I use only once one of them and following day it is not working and the other one it is working but always 10 minutes behind. The brand is Bell&rose blue boxes. The 7th flour of the ship they sold them 1 day before our arriving outside the shop.

The cruise date was on 10th of May and finished on 25th of May, 15 days all up. I took the one not working to change the batteries, it is still not working. It is a shame to pay $40.00 and it is not working. What we are going to do?

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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